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Windows, Apple|MAC, iPhone, Android, Cloud, Microsoft 365, Security, WordPress, Email, and everything else. "Silly" questions are welcomed!

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Superior tech support for individuals and businesses both on-site and remotely. Including migrating your team and company files to the cloud using Microsoft 365, Updating & securing your systems; troubleshooting all platforms and devices including Apple operating systems like iPhone, iPad, Mac desktops and all Windows and Android systems.
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Easy to understand technology to grow your business instead of making you cry!

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Short term & long term strategies using the best and up-to-date technology available that isn't overcomplicated to create effective yet efficient solutions so you can focus on what you do and not on what you're not doing.
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Helping Others is my TOP priority!

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Constantly working on delivery online content that helps the non-technical professional understand technology so they are fully taking advantage of all it has to offer. Offering free or scale tech support services and free laptop loaners to the Washington D.C, Northern Virginia & Maryland families.
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August 27, 2021

Save time and have Siri read your content out loud!

If you’re like me, you’re busy and you don’t have a whole lot of time to spend reading stuff…...
Statue of Liberty
July 14, 2021

Caption your Photos/Videos so you can easily find them later!

Similar to how you type in Keywords in your search bar you can “caption” your videos/photos on your IOS...
September 22, 2019

My 2 Favorite Things (so far) About iOS 13!

Dark Mode! Keyboard Swiping option! Photos View! Talk to Text Enhancements!

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