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What is “SSL” and why does your website NEED it

While they are several factors that we know of that can improve your website’s ranking, Google started warning developers back in 2017 that websites needed to start being secure (http:// to https://) and true to their word they are now flagging websites that do not have the correct security certificate applied. Just this morning, I did a keyword search for “carpet cleaning” on google to see how my friend’s unsecure and pretty old website was faring in this new security climate. Well I an tell you that there were 10 pages of Google business listings and their listing for their well established carpet cleaning business was not on one of those pages. Carpet cleaning is a pretty competitive industry around my parts and not only does having the “not secure” showing up whenever someone visits your page look unprofessional it’s so easy to resolve this issue and inexpensive so why NOT get it done? If you need help with this, just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to help you get your website secure!

Why Google is the “KING” of the Internet!

Google is large and in charge and here’s why… 83% Of users utilize Google as their search engine. So if you want to become a real player in the Internet world then you have to know who’s butt to kiss. To improve your search rankings utilizing a Google owned platform for content it’s always going to rank better then a competitor’s platform in google search ranking results (SERP). For example, if you make videos and optimize them for Google search then you better be using YouTube and not Vimeo.
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