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I work with individual clients and create strategic, DOABLE and UNCOMPLICATED programs to help them achieve their goals.  I specialize in leveraging my expansive knowledge of technology to remove redundancies, streamline workflows and reduce human error thereby SAVING you money while MAKING you more money!



Does your website reflect your business accurately? Was your website built in 2006? Is your website optimized for your business? Are you tracking your unique website visitors so that you know WHAT is working and what isn't?

Visual Identity | Brand Design

Visual Identity | Brand Design | Content Creation

Do your website and social media listings have the same consistent logo that your customers can easily recognize? Does your logo effectively communicate who you are and what you offer?
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Short term & long term strategies using the best and up-to-date technology available that isn't overcomplicated to create effective yet efficient solutions so you can focus on what you do and not on what you're not doing.

Remote Tech Training - Business & Personal

Remote Tech Training

Do tech support agents make you feel stupid? Do you have ZERO idea what your teen is actually doing on their device and have no idea how to monitor their activities? Do you ever feel you understand most of the day to day tech stuff but you are just missing some of the pieces?

IT Support | Tech Solutions & Troubleshooting

IT Support | Tech Solutions

Do you always just "ignore" those pesky errors that pop up a the worst times on your PC or phone, knowing that it may come bite you in the butt later? Do you spend like $600 a year for GoDaddy products and services but have like no idea what they are and if you actually even need them (I'm betting you don't really need them all!)?

Microsoft 365 Cloud Migrations

Microsoft 365 Cloud Migrations

Do you work on a file then send it to your co-worker who then makes edits and emails it back and you have so many versions of that file floating around that it's confusing? Do former employees still have access to your valuable company files and even their company email?

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Client Testimonials


Some kind words from present and past clients.

  • “Josie got our whole company operating on the cloud, including our email and documents as well as both Mac & Windows platforms. Everyone is now so much more efficient, using the same email platform and able to find and access documents quickly. The whole process was seamless and Josie was a pleasure to work with!”

    Tina Pace
    Office Administrator, Techno Empire
  • “Josie took over all of my Hair Studio’s marketing and promotion in 2016. She rebranded our name/logo and designed a website that captured new emails and she integrated Vagaro, which is a an online booking service. I can honestly say that I have seen a tremendous amount of new clients as a result of my local search rankings improving tremendously. Josie knows what she’s doing! She’s extremely smart and she’s always on top of the ever changing digital marketing world.”

    Silvia Santana
    Owner, Bliss Hair Studio
  • “Our small business needed a website and we had no idea how to turn our idea into a simple, clean one page site. We contacted Josie and she was very knowledgeable and understanding of what our needs and wants were. She validated our hard work we had already invested into building our site and made our dream a reality. We had already built a site that was a confusing jumble on Wix and she was able to turn that into a beautiful working site both on computer and mobile that was clean and easy to use within a few short

    Fiona McNally
    Co-owner, Iron Horse Mercantile
  • “Josie has a vast array of life experience, making her an ideal match to work with. Josie is gifted, personable, patient and easygoing. She knows just what you need for your personality to get your job done without losing your mind! I love working with her! No problem is unsolvable; she will find an answer if she doesn’t already know. You will be pleased with your outcomes if you hire Josie!”

    Kenene Schmidt RN, BSN
    The Organic RN
  • "I always struggle with technology. I have taken computer classes which offer good overall information, but it's the one-on-one learning that has been the most helpful to me. I have been very happy with Josie’s help regarding my projects, questions, and concerns. Josie has helped me understand computer language and programs, she has helped me organize my information, and she has provided “How To videos” of our sessions for me to refer to later on. In addition, Josie helped me choose a printer that would suit my needs and she has helped me with my phone, record player, and speakers!

    Karen Butler
  • "Josie is AMAZING!!! She is the ULTIMATE TECH PRO you can't live without!! She is fast, efficient, insightful, and takes the time to understand the problem, educate, and resolve any problem without hesitation. She is always so helpful and goes above and beyond to find a solution. I met her on the Nextdoor app and she promptly provided options to resolve tech issues both on my laptop and my smartphone all in layman's terms which I so appreciated. She is my tech angel and she was able to provide her services gratis during a time when I needed them the

    Sherry Thaddeus
    Local Neighbor

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