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My mission is to make technology easy to understand and use to help everyone, no matter what they're skill level is and not make anyone feel dumb while I'm at it!

Josie Romero, Founder

Tech for "Smarties"

I was inspired to start this tech blog aimed at the intelligent, yet non-techy, business professional in mind.  It’s short and sweet and not filled with ridiculous abbreviations and tech jargon.  After working with so many wonderful clients, many whom are well accomplished in businesses they started from the ground up, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are no "’dummies" here and they should not be treated as such just because they may not have a full grasp of the ever daunting field of technology.

What I do for YOU!

Strategic Planning

Overwhelmed by your lack of tech knowledge? Know that you r business could be doing so much better if only you could use technology effectively? Do you find yourself engaged in redundant or mundane daily tasks instead of focusing on your what you're actually good at??

Web Development & Design

Does your website reflect your business accurately? Was your website built in 2006? Is your website optimized for your business? Are you tracking your unique website visitors so that you know WHAT is working and what isn't?

Digital Marketing | Brand Identity

Do your website and social media listings have the same consistent logo that your customers can easily recognize? Does your logo effectively communicate who you are and what you offer?

IT Support | Tech Solutions & Troubleshooting

Do you always just "ignore" those pesky errors that pop up a the worst times on your PC or phone, knowing that it may come bite you in the butt later? Do you work on a file then send it to your co-worker who then makes edits and emails it back and you have so many versions of that file floating around that its confusing? Do former employees still have access to your valuable company files and even their company email? Do you spend like $600 a year for Godaddy products and services but have like no idea what they are and if you actually even need them (I'm betting you don't really need them all!)?


Do tech support agents make you feel stupid? Do you have XERO idea what your teen is actually doing on their device and have no idea how to monitor their activities? Do you ever feel you understand most of the day to day tech stuff but you are just missing some of the pieces?

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